An AI-based Voice & Chat bot for the automation of customer service, sales and support processes


An AI-based Voice & Chat bot for the automation of customer service, sales and support processes

Provides customer service and support 24/7

Functions like a well-trained sales rep, around the clock

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In our digital day and age, customers demand the most efficient and immediate service from organizations from which they consume products and services. It is not surprising therefore that Bots are becoming a preferred solution by organizations which strive to provide the most immediate and efficient service to their customers. Consist provides an advanced AI-based, smart Chat Bot & Voice Bot solution which can streamline many organizational processes such as customer service, sales and technical support. ConsistAI is used by leading organizations and has proved to maximize customer experience as well as boost sales.


Consist’s smart voicebot and chatbot can understand the context of the dialog and recognize words and phrases used by the customer, even if they deviate from the predetermined script. The bot also uses natural language processing, voice recognition, auto-speech recognition and AI-anlysis in order to create an enhanced customer service experience.

ConsistAI provides service to your customers 24/7

ConsistAI knows, much like a skilled salesperson, to direct the customer towards a relavent solution, even if the customer himself does not know exactly what he or she is looking for

ConsistAI functions like a highly skilled customer service and sales agent

ConsistAI’s ability to understand the context of the conversation and keywords which are not included in the predefined script, makes it the closest thing to a human representative.
Thanks to these abilities, Consist’s smart bot enables organization to provide fast and efficient service to more customers, maximize customer experience and reduce the load off the customer service center.

Increases Sales

LIke a skilled sales person, consistAI knows to direct customers to the products and services they need.

Minimizes expenses​

ConsistAI makes it possible to provide service to more customers without increasing the number of reps

Maximizes CX​

ConsistAI significantly enhances the customer experience thus improving customer retention

ConsistAI opens up countless possibilities for organization
  • E-commerce:  ConsistAI can provide information and services and conduct sales activity around the clock
  • Hospitality industry: Guests can communicate with the bot using WhatsApp or chat messaging, and automatically order room service, make restaurant reservations, request towels, book a spa appointment and more
  • IT services and technical support: ConsistAI can guide customers and organizational users and enable them to solve problems independently.
  •  Health industry: Patients can schedule doctor appointments, confirm arrival and more, without having to wait for a human rep.
  • Digital forms and documents: ConsistAI helps customers and users fill out digital forms, using a variety of digital channels such as WhatApp. The bot asks the questions and places the user’s answers in the appropriate fields