Consist Software Solutions Worldwide Group

Consist Software solutions Worldwide Group

About Consist

ConsistAI solution is implemented and supported by Consist, a leading technology company which is part of the Consist Software Solutions worldwide group, which has been in operation since 1975.  Consist is a leading international Business Information technology company headquartered in New York, with offices and development centers in Israel, Germany, South America, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Consist has over 1,000 employees worldwide and provides products, services and solution to thousands of customers in dozens of countries across the globe

Consist Software Solutions Worldwide group’s offices and development centers throughout the world

Consist delivers software-based solutions in three methods:

  • Software solutions developed by other leading software vendors which are represented, implemented and supported by Consist
  • Software solutions developed at Consist’s development centers throughout the world 
  • Software solutions developed specifically according to the customer’s requirements and offered as consulting services or fixed price project

The software areas covered by Consist include banking systems, output management systems, software migration systems, ERP, human resources, business intelligence, WEB-based solutions, IT centers management solutions, omni-channel communications systems, ITSM and ESM (Enterprise Management Systems) and many others.

Consist Worldwide Group’s solutions and services cover the full range of IT technologies, keeping its know-how always up-to-date to the leading-edge innovations in computers, IT environments, programming languages, database technologies and prevailing standards and trends. Consist’s worldwide customer base is composed of leading organizations in each country: federal and state governmental organizations, municipalities, telecommunication companies, financial institutions, leading industrial and commercial companies, utility organizations and many others. The software systems and services delivered by Consist are typically mission-critical, usually based on a long-lasting strategic partnership between Consist and its customers.

About Consist in Israel

Consist in Israel is a branch of the Consist Worldwide group. It employes nearly 400 high-tech professionals and has over 700 customers in Israel, EMEA and the US, including leading organizations: dozens of Israeli government ministries, leading financial institutions and banks, large telecom companies, energy companies, insurance companies, Israel’s largest retail chains, nearly all leading Israeli hospitals and medical centers, Israel’s largest healthcare organization, high-tech companies, worldwide manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, the largest academic centers and many more.